Just how obsessed are we with celebrity? Tom and Reed are going to find out, no matter what it takes.

In STAR TRASH (a Super Size Me-type documentary) two small town guys move to Hollywood, suit up and dive into celebrity trash bins. When they auction off the items they find, they are shocked at how much people are willing to pay for treasures like Paris Hilton's used toothbrush. Quickly, the media latches on, giving Tom and Reed their own taste of celebrity. Articles are splashed across the web. Interview offers pour in from print publications, as well as radio and television stations, including NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News, prompting Tom and Reed to ask, "What role does the media play in creating a celeb-obsessed society?"

STAR TRASH will explore both ridiculous and serious aspects of our celebrity crazed culture through interviews with pop culture experts, sociologists, psychologists and members of the media. A peak into the lives of crazed fans, an exclusive paparazzi star hunt and insight from celebs like Tila Tequila, Perez Hilton and Kathy Hilton add to this wild ride through our obsession with fame.